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Siva Nadi

In Siva Nadi, the predictions start with a dialogue between Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, who requests Lord Shiva to tell the predictions of her son/daughter, who has come forward to know his/her future. Lord Shiva then gives the predictions.The Maha Siva Sukshma Naadi is more exhaustive and accurate in predicting events as compared to Kousika and Agasthiya Naadi's followed by our family earlier or other Naadi Jodhidam followed by others in the south. That is the reason why, the charge for this Sukshma Naadi is somewhat higher.

But when we compare the immense what we derive from Naadi, the charge is very cheap. As in Astrology, there are twelve Kaandams, dealing with the twelve Bhavas or houses. There are also special Kaandams, dealing with Shanthi Pariharam, Deeksha Kaandam, Vaidya Kandam, Dasabhukthi Kaandams, brief description of subjects dealt in each Kaandam are all given in the Appendix, which may please the referred one. In the succeeding chapters, we have also explained in details some of the important Kandams. However, the first Kaandam is compulsory. It is considered to be the index for all the other Kaandams. The consultation of all the Kaandams and special Kaandams are optional. But other Kaandams can not be independently consulted, without reading the first chapter.

Another important feature of the Sukshma Naadi is, that the prediction itself, tells when the customer will come to us for consultation. Usually it is indicated that the person seeking to know his future would come when Saturn and Jupiter are situated in particular Rasis. Presently, the Naadi leaves indicate Guru (Planet Jupiter) is in Cancer (Leo) and Sani (Planet Saturn) is in Taurus (Gemini) Rasi. When Jupiter and Saturn transit to next Rasi, the present palm leaves are going to be left in the Holy river Cauvery as directed by our own Naadi, i.e. Santhana Nool.